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Nordica Thermo Rosa Ready: The Thermo Rosa Ready DSA is a stunning wood burning cooker with boiler to run your central heating. There are glass doors to the firebox and oven with digital electronic control. It can give a generous 9:2kW to water and 6.4kW to the room and comes with the pump and expansion tank built in.
The Thermo Rosa Ready DSA wealth of features: A vitrified cast iron door and ceramic or natural stone decorative tiles, an enameled oven and a double glass fire door. The cooker has a vitrified cast iron frame and polished cast iron plate and rings, it is available in bordeaux red or natural stone. Add all those to the air wash control (primary, secondary and tertiary) which keeps the large viewing window clear, and a temperature gauge and a D.S.A. security device included – (D.S.A. is short for Dual Serpentine Array which is a safety device which makes it possible to fit the boiler into a pressurised system)
Stove Construction : Cast Iron
Standard Nordica Thermo Rosa Ready DSA model : Bordeaux red
Heat output: Heat output to water – 9:2kW
Heat output to the room – 6.4kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Heating efficiency: 79.9%
Volume that can be heated: 447m³
Height : 893mm
Width : 1027mm
Depth : 761mm
Flue diameter : 150mm top or rear


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