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Stovax Riva F66 Freestanding Stove – Contemporary heating performance.


The Riva 66 freestanding stove provides you with the hearth-mounted appeal of a contemporary fire then and the stove provides a stylish, contemporary solution. The F66 Freestanding can also be placed on the Riva Bench. For this model you can select either the 100cm or 120cm versions according to your requirements. This will present a distinctive focal point whether freestanding in an open living space or positioned in a larger fireplace opening.

The second option is the Riva Pedestal, which allows the F66 Freestanding to attain more of the appearance of a stove. The Riva F66 Freestanding stove is suitable for burning seasoned logs, smokeless fuels and peat/turf briquettes. Available in two colours: Storm Metallic or Midnight Black Metallic.


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