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Nordica Rosa Liberty: The Nordica Rosa Liberty is an attractive medium size that is available in two different finishes – bordeaux red or pergamena (parchment).


The Rosa fine features include: majolica finish tiles on front and sides with design, body plate and rings manufactured from cast-iron, the hob rings are removable; plus an enameled oven chrome fender and wood drawer. To provide adjustability there is a heat control damper and a warming compartment. For minimum cleaning there is air wash control (primary & secondary) which keeps the large viewing window clear, and a temperature gauge.
Stove Construction : Cast Iron
Standard Nordica Rosa Liberty model : Bordeaux red
Heat output: Output 6:5kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Heating efficiency: 78.9%
Volume that can be heated: 185m³
Height : 851mm
Width : 1030mm
Depth : 666mm
Flue diameter : 150mm top or rear


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