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The Invicta Mandor is beautiful uniquely styled oval cast iron wood burning stove, even the large panoramic curved glass window curves to follow the oval shape. The Mandor is a 12kW woodburner which has low particulate emissions, hence it’s ‘Flamme Verte’ rating. This is a large stove suited to the medium to large room. The back cast iron fire panel inside the stove has characteristic semicircles as part of the casting, echoed by smaller semi-circles cast into the top of the stove.


Construction : Cast Iron
Invicta Bradford Standard model : Anthracite finish
Heat output: Output nominal 12kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Weight: 144kg
Efficiency: 76%
Log length (approx): 600mm
DIMENSIONS (standard)
Height : 770mm
Width : 854mm
Depth : 492mm
Flue diameter : 150mm top and rear


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