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Great power and excellent performance for thisChamane soberly dressed in anthracite, that takes up minimal space, showing a maximum of fire ! Its elongated lines and balanced dimensions highlight its innovative design.

This 14 kW is a true designer stove with an impressive focus to the modern living space. Invicta’s Chamane features a large door window which bellows heat out into the room and a real design feature has been made of the fire chamber with beautiful detail to be seen everywhere including the back plates inside the stove and the very tactile handle. Typical of ¬†every aspect of the Chamane wood burning stove has been designed so that it attracts the eye.
Construction : Cast Iron
Invicta Chamane Standard model : Anthracite
Heat output: Output nominal 14kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Efficiency: 78.7%
Log length (approx): 500mm
DIMENSIONS (standard)
Height : 1200mm
Width : 560mm
Depth : 578mm
Flue diameter : 160mm top only


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