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The Edilkamin Olympia is an elliptically shaped with integral hot plates, it has a highly attractive soapstone finish to its top and sides.
The Edilkamin Olympia has a cast iron refractory firebox lined with Scamolex (a highly insulative material made from exfoliated vermiculite); the stove has natural convection hot air circulation and a practical wood storage compartment.
Stove Construction : Steel and cast iron
Standard Edilkamin Olympia model : Apricot Bordeaux or Cream
Heat output: Output nominal / max 7:8kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Heating efficiency: 79.2%
Volume that can be heated: 185m³
Height : 940mm
Width : 600mm
Depth : 480mm
Flue diameter : 130mm top only
Log size – 33cm


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