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DRU 64 CB is a classic cast iron that has a generous heat output and high efficiency. It is equally at home in rural or urban properties, is easy to keep clean and maintain and will keep a large living room warm all through the day, even in the coldest winters.
DRU cast iron stoves are made in the classic form, simple to use and sustain with a large glass window that gives outstanding views of the fire. This is boosted by an ‘air curtain’ that keeps the glass clean. The chimney can be coupled to the top or rear of the stove, whilst a heat shield at the back protects the wall from staining
They have a useful side loading door for the fuel. The ash pan is easily removed through its own door. A ‘cold-grip’ handle is provided to open all of the doors, and is kept in a cool place under the stove. The standard colour of DRU cast iron stoves is anthracite but also available in enamelled colours of Ivory or Majolica Brown.  surfaces are strong and effortless to clean


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