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Nordica America: This is a large Cast iron  with glass firedoor and glass door to enameled oven and wood drawer. With its vast cooking top area there is enough space for all your pots and pans. This cooker weighs 321kg and is as robust as it is elegant.


The Nordica America has the following features: Air Wash control (primary & secondary), a huge viewing window and a chrome fender. The hob rings are removable and there is a storage drawer, a heat control damper provides flexibility and there is a temperature gauge. The stove is constructed from solid cast iron and there is an option of detachable insulated hob covers. The America is available in black.
Stove Construction : Cast Iron
Standard Nordica America model : Cream
Heat output: Output 15:3kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Heating efficiency: 76.0%
Volume that can be heated: 333m³
Height : 880mm
Width : 1280mm
Depth : 660mm
Flue diameter : 160mm top or rear


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